Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saving money on supplies.

Number one stupid thing to do as a cost-saving measure in a large corporation? Cut back on Paper Towel and Toilet Tissue. Well, that and coffee. Cutting coffee, towel and tissue are stupid things to eliminate. Nobody can live without caffeine or some form of stimulant. God knows, I can't. And Mr. Bean-Counter, you can't run a large, multinational company without friggin' toilet paper or towel.

Don't cut back on it. Order more of it. Often. Just because you use three squares of Charmin at home, doesn't mean you can get away with asking EVERYBODY who works for your company - all over the WORLD - to reduce their toilet tissue usage to a mere three sheets of the cheapest, flimsiest toilet paper on the planet. Which you order all the friggin' time, exactly because it is so cheap.

Mr. Bean Counter might use Charmin at home (all three squares at one sitting), but Mr. Bean Counter orders the tissue that falls apart the moment human hands come in contact with the stuff.

Other cost-saving measures that don't work? How about switching to cleaning products that take twice as much spraying and wiping as the stuff you used to order that worked on the first wipe and spray? If you have to use twice as much of the crappy, inexpensive disinfectant to protect everyone from germs.....how is money being saved if you have to order twice as much becuase it takes two times the product to achieve results?

I suppose, it's a good thing Corporate America isn't using outhouses and asking their janitors to put up fly strips and lime the shit-pits to kill the flies and kill the smell. Oh...did I just put that out there? Bad move. Mr. Bean-counter will see this post, and get ideas!

Here are the keys to the company privvy, Mr./Ms. Corporate Contract Worker of America. Remember, three squares and you're out. Note the soup can filled with powdered lime? Use that to kill the smell. Watch you don't get your hair stuck in the fly strip. Now, go back to work! Ha HA!

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