Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paper Towel and Toilet Tissue

After a week of working as a janitor, something incredibly foreign to me, it has occured to met that there are a few basic needs everyone has. A toilet, number one. Toilet tissue, number two. Soap and Paper Towel. These are the basic elements of running a large corporation. Without Paper Towel and Toilet Tissue, you can just about forget running much of anything. You could shit in the woods, yes. But you'd still need toilet tissue and eventually, paper towel.

Men use more tissue and paper towel. At first, I wondered why, because there are a lot of men who don't appear to wash their hands. They are busy doing business on their cell phones, while they are in the bathroom doing their business. So, why would they use more? Women are always wiping something...noses, eye makeup, the counters, toilet seats before they sit, lipstick, wrapping up feminine products. Women are tissue and paper towel people. So why do men use more?

Their asses and hands are larger than a woman's. Believe it or not, even though they may not actively participate in good personal hygeine each and every time, they sure as hell use the majority of tissue and towel. Men's rooms clog faster, thanks to overuse of tissue and underuse of the flush valve. Never the less, they use more and run out of tissue and towel faster.

Secondly, a men's room in corporate America is still used more often than a women's room. The truth is, there are less women working in large companies than there are men. Men dominate corporate culture. Most of the cubicles in cubicle-land are male. So they use more stuff than women, becuase their hands and asses are larger - and because there are two to three times as many men in the Company than women.

Congratulations ladies. You not only earn less than a man, there are fewer of you, and your restrooms are cleaner and better stocked with tissue and towel.

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